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Absolute Value Publications is a company which publishes all kinds of high quality books. Absolute Value Publications is most famous for its’ mathematics book series and solution manuals for both students and teachers. The iWriteMath Series books are resources for the mathematics curriculum in Alberta and British Columbia. Each curricular topic is sub-divided into individual lessons. Most lessons can be covered in one hour plus homework time, but some may require more time to complete. The iWriteMath Series has now evolved into an interactive IOS and Android App that can be instantly downloaded onto your device. This new app allows you to finally be able to write your entire answer in the small space between questions by zooming in! With an abundance of features like, formula builder, polyline tool, bookmarks and emailing pages, the IOS and Android series is quickly becoming the most popular math book series for mobile devices. If you have anymore questions about the iWriteMath application please visit the website. If you have any other inquiries please contact us for more information.

iWriteMath Series

Generally, lessons are composed of


- which could be review, preview or investigative work.

Class examples

- which are intended to be teacher led tutor led or used in conjunction with a solution manual.


- composed of short response, extended response, multiple choice and numeric response questions for student practice.

Answer Key

- the answers to assignment questions